How to make your salad easier to Digest

Raw food has been studied to be hard to digest in Ayurveda. Cooking helps break down fiber, making it easier to digest. It is recommended in Ayurveda that those with digestive issues such as bloating and gas avoid raw food and slightly sautée food prior to consumption.

However, Ayurveda also recommends that you eat what your body craves and be in tune with nature, so on a hot summer day if your body craves a salad, we say go for it! Below are a few tips to make it easier on your belly.

  1. Be generous with dressing: Preferably add a healthy fat. Fat helps reduce the "dry", "rough" nature of the salad and it also helps with nutrient absorption making some of the ingredients more bioavailable.
  2. Add in some digestion boosting ingredients: Ginger, Fermented foods (pickled radishes, cucumbers, etc.) are great additions to boost digestion.
  3. Choose a green that is easier to digest: Spinach, Parsley and Arugula are easier to digest than Kale.
  4. Throw in some sautéed vegetables and grains: Sautéed root vegetables and some cooked grains (quinoa or rice) can be a great addition to your salad.
  5. Let it sweat: Dress your salad generously and let it soak for a few minutes. Letting your salad slightly "sweat" helps better prepare the food for digestion.


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