Unlocking the Power of Ayurveda: Taza's Gandharvahastadi Tablet, Rooted in the Essence of Khashayam.

Khashayam, being the foundation of many Ayurvedic treatments, is a polyherbal decoction comprising a group of water-soluble herbs. One example is Taza's Gandharvahastadi Digestive supplement, which is formulated into a khashayam and then solidified into tablet form for ease of consumption. 

Khashayam offers certain advantages over consuming whole herbs:

Enhanced Bioavailability: The Power of Herbal Extraction.

By boiling the herbs in water, the active compounds are extracted more effectively, increasing their bioavailability. Some herbs may have constituents that are challenging to extract or absorb in their raw form. Boiling aids in breaking them down and making them easier for the body to assimilate.

Concentration and Standardization: Precise Formulation for Optimal Result:

Khashayam is prepared using specific proportions of a polyherbal blend, ensuring consistent concentrations of active ingredients. For instance, if an herb possesses curative properties, but tends to generate excessive body heat, a cooling herb can be added to balance its effects.

The Ayurvedic literature Sarangdhar Samhita' highlighted the concept of polyherbalism to achieve greater therapeutic efficacy. The active phytochemical constituents of individual plants are insufficient to achieve the desirable therapeutic effects. When combining the multiple herbs in a particular ratio, it will give a better therapeutic effect. This enables targeted therapeutic benefits and precise dosing, particularly when dealing with complex herbal formulations.

Beyond a Tea: Elevating Khashayam to a New Level

While khashayam is technically a herbal tea, there are distinct differences. When preparing a medicinal khashayam, herbs are boiled in varying proportions of water, depending on their hardness and the optimal temperature for extracting water-soluble nutrients. A precise khashayam takes into account the texture and boiling temperature to ensure maximum nutrient absorption by blending the herbs accordingly. This meticulous approach set khashayam apart from a typical tea preparation

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